Where to put the stairs for a loft conversion?

Stairs for a loft conversion allows you to access your loft. If you don’t know where to put stairs for a loft conversion, this article is for you. Learn here!

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A loft conversion improves the available space in your home and increases your property’s value. However, carrying out a successful loft conversion project requires you to focus on a wide range of things, including staircase placement. 

Because stairs take a large amount of space, make sure you position them in a convenient place. The purpose is to ensure you have the maximum space available for other things. So, where to put the stairs for a loft conversion. In today’s article, we will answer this question. Read on! 

Learn the Regulations for Stairs in a Loft Conversion 

Each loft conversion project must meet the building regulations or requirements. Otherwise, you will face complications, including legal penalties. That’s why it is crucial to know and understand the regulations for stairs in a loft conversion. 

According to UK law, homeowners must place a fixed staircase for safe access to the loft. You will need a 42 degrees steepness pitch for the stairs. The minimum headroom height requirement for stairs is 1.9 metres. 

Ensure all risers are equal and provide a handrail if the drop is more than 600mm. On the other hand, if you don’t want to install a handrail, make sure you focus on having two steps. More than two steps without a handrail are illegal. 

Where to Put the Stairs? 

You have multiple options to put stairs for a loft conversion. It depends on your requirements, compliance with building regulations, and the amount of space available. Here are the options. 

Over the Existing Stairs 

You can put the stairs over your existing stairs to save space for your loft conversion. Experts recommend this option because it creates symmetrical aesthetics for your indoor space layout. Not only does this prevent you from losing out on your headroom, but it also minimizes the floor space for the stairs. 

Use a Section of the Largest Room 

Many residential properties in the UK have space or structural limitations, preventing homeowners from placing the staircase over the existing one. If you face the same situation and want to reduce the inconvenience, make sure you take away a section of the largest room in your house or choose a room that you use rarely. 

Final Words 

Generally, loft conversion contractors will position the staircases above the existing staircase. However, this is not possible in many cases, mainly if you have limited space available for the stairs. Ensure you hire an experienced contractor and get advice on putting the stairs in a suitable space without compromising the loft aesthetics or limiting the space. 

Anyway, focus on the headroom when trying to position the loft conversion stairs. According to building regulations, UK, you must have at least 2 metres of headroom above a staircase. Remember, this is known as the “Pitch line” that allows you to position the stairs for a loft conversion properly.  If you are looking to begin a loft conversion project then Loftify can help. Get in touch today to begin the process and we will answer any questions you have.

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