Can my Neighbour stop my loft conversion?

Can my Neighbour stop my loft conversion?
Many homeowners in the UK who opt for a loft conversion ask: can my neighbour stop me from carrying out the project? Here is the answer! 

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Can my Neighbour stop my loft conversion?

Many homeowners perform home improvement projects to increase their home comfort instead of moving to another house. People increase their current homes’ sizes instead of taking the next big step on the property ladder. It’s because home improvement projects like loft conversions are easy, minimalistic, and affordable. 

A loft conversion is an important project for homeowners in the UK. It is an excellent way to add an extra bedroom to your indoor space without disrupting the footprint of your property. The average loft conversion cost in the UK is between £35,000 and 40,000, which is pretty affordable for most homeowners. 

However, loft conversion requires planning and preparation. For instance, it requires you to hire an architect for a state-of-the-art loft design, applying for planning permission in some cases, and alerting your neighbours. Read on! 

Do you need permission from your Neighbour? 

Generally, you don’t need permission from your neighbours for a loft conversion project. However, you may need a Party Wall Agreement if you have a terraced or semi-detached home and want to carry out a loft conversion project. 

For instance, the wall may affect the party wall because you don’t install the steelwork, or you may need to raise the wall to form a dormer. Therefore, it is wise to notify your neighbour if it affects the party wall. 

According to UK’s Party Wall Act, homeowners must give two months’ notice to the neighbour before carrying out the project. Bear in mind that the neighbour can’t use this act to stop you from a loft conversion. 

However, we recommend following the rules to make informed decisions. Otherwise, your neighbour can delay the loft conversion work until you place the right agreements. Remember, these delays can cause you to waste time and money. On the other hand, if your neighbour agrees to the loft conversion, make sure you get the agreement in writing. 

What is Party Wall Notice?

A party wall notice is a written document you give to your neighbours, alerting them about your loft conversion project or any other construction plans. You must provide this document or notice two before starting the project. 

Your neighbours may instruct the party wall surveyor you hired for the inspection. The Party Wall Act requires you to carry out the process adequately by following the rules and notify your neighbours on time. 

Otherwise, you will experience complications, including legal penalties, if you fail to get the job done adequately. A party wall notice usually includes detailed information about the loft conversion project, including the start and end date of the project. In addition, the notice may also require the signature of property owners affected due to your loft conversion project. 

Final Words 

A loft conversion is a sophisticated and cost-effective way to improve your indoor space and increase your home value. However, it comes with a few complications, such as providing a party wall notice to your neighbours. If you follow the rules, you can do it easily.

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